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Watch OJA on Emeril's Florida

Let's watch it together! OJA Students on the Cooking Channel featuring OJA's Edible Schoolyard with Chef Kevin Fonzo Chef Sarah Cahill Gardener Brad Jones

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OJA Flood Report


A “little” bit of rain can go a long way.  On Tuesday, September 23rd, six classrooms and the school office of Orlando Junior Academy (OJA) suffered the results of water damage caused by a sudden downpour of 9 inches in one hour. The resulting damage was serious. The south classrooms and the school office had to… Read more →

Mini Jag Newsletter

Check out the newsletter made by the students of OJA squared!  This is the first of many publications to be coming from this program.  Stay tuned! Mini-Jag -Newsletter Orlando Junior Academy Advanced (OJA squared) is an accelerated program designed to give students a head start on high school. The Mini-Jag publication was overseen by Mrs.… Read more →

Abstract Art

Abstract art is right at the top of my list of favorites.  I love color!    Sometimes I think it’s fun to just take all the details of an image away and just enjoy the beauty and simplicity that comes with exploring how colors blend and how shapes form. In art class, our new art project… Read more →