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Mrs. Bromme’s art class has been studying tessellations. Tessellations are repeating patterns that connect without gaps or overlaps. The connected shapes make another shape within, often creating an optical illusion. Tessellations help us identify positive and negative images within its’ design. We paired our tessellation study with a more advanced study of color. By focusing… Read more →

Environmental Specialists at OJA


Environmental Specialists at OJA A big THANK YOU to Kathryn Campbell, Lori Davis and Sooleeya Sihakhom, of KCI, who provided a construction and environmental protection presentation to Mrs. Braga’s 4th Graders, December 10, which aligned with their science curriculum covering the topic of erosion. Students were well prepared for their guests having already worked in… Read more →

Grand Rounds


Grand Rounds… Mrs. Farfan’s students had a an incredible experience when their experiential science class saw them become specialists in a field of medicine and then not only present their learning to their classmates and other listeners, but also, take their white jackets and spend a day at Florida Hospital experiencing being a medical professional,… Read more →

WOW (Week of Prayer)


WOW (Week of Worship) This past November we were blessed to have Stefanie Johnson from Adventist University of Health Care Sciences lead out in our Week of Worship, our new name for the Fall Week of Prayer. She brought along several friends to tell their stories and Mr. Hickam and Pastor Creek worked with our… Read more →

OJA’s Christmas Around the World


OJA’s Christmas around the World… Forest Lake Academy’s auditorium filled with people as the students collected in the back, waiting for the Christmas program to begin. This year, Mr. Pomianowski added a recap feature for us with video and pictures of the year to date. This gave parents a chance to catch up on all… Read more →