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New students apply online and returning students re-enroll through Renweb.

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OJA VPK is Gold Seal Approved

To witness how your child would be loved and cared for check out the videos on these pages.

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In honor of our Kitchen classroom. Check out OJA featured on Emeril's Florida.

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OJA by Numbers


Although fifth graders at OJA are used to guest speakers, never did they imagine one would be so enRICHing!  Mrs. Miller, OJA’s business manager, walked in one day last week to reveal how mathematics helps OJA keep running on a daily basis. Mrs. Miller explained how she uses spreadsheets to help organize her information and… Read more →

Teacher Appreciation Week


Join us in showing our teachers what they mean to us. Please follow this link to  Sign Up as a Volunteer or to Donate. Thank you.

Good Food. Fresh Air. Great Friends.


It’s a picnic everyday!  Students in grades 3-5 took turns this week eating lunch outside in small mixed-grade groups. They took turns setting the table with the “real” tablecloths and created beautiful bouquets of flowers fresh from the OJA gardens. Table conversations ranged from riddles and giggles to deep thoughts and reflections. Students were quick… Read more →



Our art projects at OJA over the last few weeks have focused on the art of portrait drawing.  Portraits can be quite a challenge.  Mrs. Bromme has been encouraging students to draw what they SEE, not what their brain tells them they see.  Sometimes our brain leads the way, directing our pencils down the wrong… Read more →