The curriculum at all levels reflects the philosophy and objectives of Seventh-day Adventist education. It incorporates an awareness of the principles of human growth and development; encouraging, guiding and sustaining the students as they seek to understand themselves and to relate to their fellow human beings and to their Creator.

Orlando Junior Academy prepares students for full participation in a dynamic world, promoting relevant and rigorous academics, character development, and social responsibility. OJA utilizes the talents and expertise of dedicated teachers, community professionals, and engaged family members, within the proven Expeditionary Learning model. NAD and National Content Area Standards are used to design Expeditionary-Learning curriculum in order to developed expectations emphasizing personal responsibility for learning.

We believe in providing students with an instructional framework based on learning expeditions. These expeditions make-up the context of instruction around an engaging topic connected to real world experience. Within a learning expedition, student will find multiple curricular disciplines. Together; as parents, faculty, and staff; we strive to create the ideal learning environment for our students.

Programs offered at OJA include instruction in the academic areas of math, literacy, physical, earth and life sciences, health and safety, physical education, and social studies. Other areas of study include religion, computer science, music, and Spanish. These are taught with the objective of developing character, witness and service abilities, physical and social skills, career and work responsibilities.

Community Service

The home, church, and school, work cooperatively to provide students with activities that will bring spiritual and physical blessings to others. Throughout the year various activities are planned. We encourage families to participate in these outreach activities as time and finances permit.


Assembly programs are conducted weekly for all students, teachers, and staff. Teachers, students, and special guests lead in the programs. The purpose of assembly is to unite our school family as we share in academic, spiritual and social activities. Parents are welcome to attend.

Enrichment Program

The Enrichment program at Orlando Junior Academy is an extension of the school which provides a safe, nurturing place of supervision during after school hours. Here the students will engage in a variety of activities, enjoy time with friends, and have time for homework if needed. The program is available for all students Pre-K through 8th grade.

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