OJA by Numbers

OJA by Numbers


Although fifth graders at OJA are used to guest speakers, never did they imagine one would be so enRICHing!  Mrs. Miller, OJA’s business manager, walked in one day last week to reveal how mathematics helps OJA keep running on a daily basis.

Mrs. Miller explained how she uses spreadsheets to help organize her information and keep track of her calculations.  She showed the class examples of her spreadsheets with real numbers that they recognized:  cost of lunches and textbooks, electric bills and water bills.  What promises were made to eat all their veggies when they saw the weekly food bill!


The important skill of carefully checking over your work was practiced when Mrs. Miller passed out an envelope to each student filled with…you guessed it…money!  There were checks, bills and coins that totaled to over $2,000 dollars!  Was it play money you ask? Well, yes, some of it was, but there was almost $100.00 in real cash!  Of course, she did need it all back, but it sure was fun counting all that real money.


Each student had to complete a bank deposit slip,  just like Mrs. Miller has to do.  They had to be very careful that what they put on the bank slip matched what they had in the envelope!  It was not quite as easy as it seemed, but everyone was very careful and accurate. What an experience to learn real life math skills.

Guess what?  Every penny was accounted for—talk about being careful!  Mrs. Miller sure was impressed! Thank you, Mrs. Miller for sharing your passion for numbers and for doing such an amazing job as our school’s business manager!