November Art Intensive

img_5234Our Art Intensive for K-5 started November 7.   We packed in a lot of learning and capped off the week with our annual Art in the Garden event on Tuesday, November 15.

img_5235This Art Intensive has  been all about the garden!
Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, sent us into our garden.  Students selected flowers and greens for the 5th grade class to use in floral arrangements.   As our study in floral design taught us, we focused on three distinct types of arrangement: upright, slanting and cascading.  Luca shared an article with us about Constance Spry, a British floral designer.  (Thanks, Luca!)  Students experimented with photography – a significant art form – and were challenged to look for the beauty in the unusual objects in nature, just as Spry did.  The students amazed me with their unique perspectives in their photographs.  We were able to look at the things we pass by every day in a new, more appreciative way.  We picked up oil pastels, pastel chalk and water color pencils to create still-life floral pictures inspired by our garden.  Discussion about the French Post-Impressionist, Henri Matisse, further enhanced the students’ understanding for and appreciation of still life paintings.  We looked at Matisse’s wild floral painting, Fleurs, and his Goldfish.  We briefly talked about Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist who also was married to Frida Kahlo, the artist we studied earlier in the year.  We compared both of their watermelon still life paintings.  Students were able to more closely study Rivera’s The Watermelons as they colored a copy of his painting.
I enjoyed the time with your children very much!
Mrs. Bromme
Art Teacher K-5