Good Food.  Fresh Air.  Great Friends.

Good Food. Fresh Air. Great Friends.


It’s a picnic everyday!  Students in grades 3-5 took turns this week eating lunch outside in small mixed-grade groups. They took turns setting the table with the “real” tablecloths and created beautiful bouquets of flowers fresh from the OJA gardens.
Table conversations ranged from riddles and giggles to deep thoughts and reflections. Students were quick to share thoughts about the difference between the lunch room and their new space.  Ellie loved that “there’s green everywhere; on the ground, in the trees, and all around!”  Morgan liked that she could talk to her friends the whole time and didn’t have to hear so much noise.  It was a unanimous conclusion that the noise from their talking outdoors just dissipated into all the air!  And so it did, as the constant chatter never did get above a Level 1!
We’ll try it again next week, and the next, and the next.  Most everyone agreed that there would only be a month or two where it might not be so comfortable with the humidity and heat.  A few visionaries inquired about permanent tables so we wouldn’t have to set the tables up and take them down every day and about shade from the sun.  Of course, they were encouraged, as all thinkers are, to keep the ideas coming!