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ATTENTION: Morning Drop-off starts at 7:00am. Thank you.

Attention Visitors

All visitors must be cleared in the office. If a parent wishes to visit a teacher, an after-school appointment is urged since the teacher cannot give full attention to a conference before or during school hours when his/her first responsibility is the instruction, supervision and care of students.

Standard of Dress / Uniform Policy

The OJA Standard of Dress is an expression of our mission and values. It is our aim to promote modesty, neatness, safety, and a distinctively positive school image. The policy is intended to encourage concentration on learning, address health and safety considerations, minimize clothing cost, create school unity, promote equality and eliminate social pressures.
OJA takes seriously the responsibility for maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment. A unified Standard of Dress/Uniform Policy is one of many policies that help create an environment that promotes a constructive learning atmosphere that is conducive to student success. Except on designated non-uniform days, it is an expectation that all students will wear school uniform attire that meet the Uniform Policy from student’s arrival to dismissal. The complete OJA Uniform Policy is available in OJA Student Handbook. Please contact OJA Administration if you are experiencing challenges meeting the uniform policy.
OJA Approved Uniform Attire Checklist

Uniform Retailers

OJA has partnered with Educational Outfitters, Lands End Uniforms, French Toast School Wear, and Seams Sew Right Embroidery to provide options for better value, quality and accessibility for uniform attire, including official OJA logo application. PE uniform shirts are available only at Educational Outfitters; all other uniform attire may be purchased from these partners or other retailers.

Educational Outfitters (only provider of PE uniform shirts)
Access Code: FL01155
3845 East Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803

Lands End (Uniforms and shoes)
Preferred School Number: 900162959
3111 E. Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803

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Dates: 8/22-8/25


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French Toast
Source Code: QS44B7V
1-800-FrenchToast (1-800-373-6248)

Lucky Dog (Logo Embroidery Application Only)
2716 Forsyth Rd.
Suite 105
Winter park, FL 32792