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First Week of Art

OJA’s first Art Intensive week was packed full of new art knowledge and challenging projects.  The students were introduced to the illustrators Harry Anderson and Russell Harlan.  We talked about what art illustrators do - (creating artwork to support a story or idea) and we explored the idea of being commissioned to create artwork like Michelangelo was by the Medici family in Florence or by the Catholic church in Rome. Students reflected on some of their favorite Bible stories and texts, we looked through the beautiful The Bible Story books, by Author Maxwell, with many illustrations by Harlan and Anderson. …

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Week of Worship (WoW) – Orlando Junior Academy Every year, Orlando Junior Academy spends a week dedicating the children and the school to invite the Holy Spirit into their lives.

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OJA by Numbers

Although fifth graders at OJA are used to guest speakers, never did they imagine one would be so enRICHing!  Mrs. Miller, OJA’s business manager, walked in one day last week to reveal how mathematics helps OJA keep running on a daily basis. Mrs. Miller explained how she uses spreadsheets to help organize her information and keep track of her calculations.  She showed the class examples of her spreadsheets with real numbers that they recognized:  cost of lunches and textbooks, electric bills and water bills.  What promises were made to eat all their veggies when they saw the weekly food bill!…

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Join us in showing our teachers what they mean to us. Please follow this link to  Sign Up as a Volunteer or to Donate. Thank you.

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Good Food. Fresh Air. Great Friends.

It’s a picnic everyday!  Students in grades 3-5 took turns this week eating lunch outside in small mixed-grade groups. They took turns setting the table with the “real” tablecloths and created beautiful bouquets of flowers fresh from the OJA gardens. Table conversations ranged from riddles and giggles to deep thoughts and reflections. Students were quick to share thoughts about the difference between the lunch room and their new space.  Ellie loved that “there’s green everywhere; on the ground, in the trees, and all around!”  Morgan liked that she could talk to her friends the whole time and didn’t have to…

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Our art projects at OJA over the last few weeks have focused on the art of portrait drawing.  Portraits can be quite a challenge.  Mrs. Bromme has been encouraging students to draw what they SEE, not what their brain tells them they see.  Sometimes our brain leads the way, directing our pencils down the wrong “track”.  There are many tricks of the trade we can follow that will help us when we draw people.  We’ve been spending time measuring distances, judging proportions, looking closely at where our features are placed on our faces and focusing on shapes instead of getting…

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Mrs. Bromme’s art class has been studying tessellations. Tessellations are repeating patterns that connect without gaps or overlaps. The connected shapes make another shape within, often creating an optical illusion. Tessellations help us identify positive and negative images within its’ design. We paired our tessellation study with a more advanced study of color. By focusing on cool colors - blues, greens and purples - we were able to capture the quiet, calming and wintery effect of snow crystals. Our class discussion emphasized the power color has to help communicate our artistic message. We’re integrating our learning on this project with…

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Environmental Specialists at OJA

Environmental Specialists at OJA A big THANK YOU to Kathryn Campbell, Lori Davis and Sooleeya Sihakhom, of KCI, who provided a construction and environmental protection presentation to Mrs. Braga’s 4th Graders, December 10, which aligned with their science curriculum covering the topic of erosion. Students were well prepared for their guests having already worked in study groups creating their own diagrams on: Types of Soil, Fossils and Erosion. Led by the guest speakers, students got to “dig deeper”, learning that water erosion is caused by three types: rill (little trickles of water), gullies (big water run-off) and sheet erosion (water…

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Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds… Mrs. Farfan’s students had a an incredible experience when their experiential science class saw them become specialists in a field of medicine and then not only present their learning to their classmates and other listeners, but also, take their white jackets and spend a day at Florida Hospital experiencing being a medical professional, firsthand. We wish to thank Florida Hospital, Mrs. Farfan and the parents who saw this project through to its successful end.

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