Art in the Garden

Tuesday, November 15, Orlando Junior Academy held it’s annual Art in the Garden.
Our hopes and goals for Art in the Garden are simple:
Our desire is for students to witness artists, writers, musicians and performers as they thoughtfully “take in” the garden.  As artists find their inspiration, choose focus, perspective and purpose, we’re watching them take an idea & bring it to completion.
We hope that by letting students observe and learn from our guests in this fun environment, that the students will gain tools for creative problem solving.
We hope students will realize that, like the artists they watch at work in our garden,  creativity can show itself in many ways.
img_5229Art in the Garden is taking the classroom outside – literally!  Students, learning by example, find ways to think outside of the box and see beyond that “proverbial wall” that may be blocking their success.  Sometimes we’re stalled by fear, or the idea that “I can’t”.  Art in the Garden shows us that “We All Can” in so many wonderful ways!
img_5227That’s our goal.  ……… The word that came to my mind as I watched our “garden reality show” was “WOW”!  I observed children awash in creative learning experiences.  Bee Keepers, Musicians -including a Hawaiian Ukulele Player and our own Drum Core, a Children’s Book Author, Writers, Painters, Chalk Artists, and OJA art students with Still Life Drawings on display.  We also had the opportunity to work with Mr. Tilstra on an OJA Mural and Mrs. Bromme on an OJA Garden Abstract.  Student Photographers were roaming.  That’s just a few of the exciting activities going on during our Art in the Garden event!
Imaginations continued to ignite in the afternoon.  Even though regular classroom learning returned, it was inspiring for teachers to see the chain reaction that the morning experiences provided.  There were enriching conversations and reflection on the fun morning.  Journal entries, relationship building, renewed concentration and desire to focus on personal projects deepen our garden experience.
Looking forward to next year!