Our Mission

Orlando Junior Academy exists to develop a love for learning and joy of service while following Jesus.

Our Vision

Orlando Junior Academy engages learners to serve Jesus by exploring real-world challenges that impact our community.

Our Philosophy of Faith

Our philosophy of inquiry and exploration is modeled after Jesus’ example in the temple when he was young (Luke 2:46). Through His example, we strive to live a life worthy of His calling and emulating His values of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Eph. 4:1, Gal. 5: 22-23). We grow these values through service, our impact on our community, and the relationships we build (Mark 10: 43-45, 1 Tim. 6:18-19).

Our History and Philosophy of Learning

Orlando Junior Academy (OJA) was established in 1906 on the Florida Hospital Orlando (now known as AdventHealth Orlando) campus to provide the foremost elementary education in a Christ-centered environment. Since then, OJA has been leading the way in innovative, Christian education experiences for families in the Orlando Area. Our students are encouraged to ask questions, design, think critically, explore, collaborate, tinker, and persevere while positively impacting our community. We strive to empower students to follow Jesus and become resilient and curious connectors, learners, and leaders in an ever-changing world. Students are inspired to make an impact on the world by exploring real-world challenges. These challenges include our fifth graders exploring the medical field through their Code Blue Project with our partners at AdventHealth University, AdventHealth Orlando, and our first graders practicing entrepreneurial, communication, and marketing skills with a small bath salt selling enterprise to help families adopt kids. Our new Launch Lab, robotics program, STEAM program, and classroom learning provide students with the tools they need to change the world. Our close partnership with the Edible Education Experience was born at OJA through our nutritional science lab and garden that housed events like Iron Chef Competitions, Chef Nights, and numerous lessons that integrated nutrition, gardening, and curriculum that helped kids experience where food comes from and how it feeds different avenues of their health. Now that the Edible Education Experience has moved across the street to the new Emeril Lagasse Foundation Kitchen House, we continue to collaborate with them on seed-to-table experiences and events for our students. These opportunities serve our community, help our students to grow their passions, to define their love of Jesus, and to develop life-long skills so they can succeed in any aspect of their lives. For over 100 years, God’s hand has clearly been seen through the different phases that have taken place at Orlando Junior Academy as we grow learners and leaders for Jesus. Come join our OJA family!

National Junior Honor Society

For students in grades six through eight.

National Elementary Honor Society

For students in grades four and five.